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Maine Township Aquatics


is a year-round aquatics based, developmental program. We offer a widely-renowned approach to developmental swimming and aquatic sports. Our purpose is to provide you with the necessary knowledge, training, and skills useful for everyday activities. Aquatics training begins from developmental lessons to advanced club swimming. We strive to encourage a communal atmosphere in which to be impactful in every child’s life. With over a 100 years of tradition, every staff member associated with the program understands the pride and ambition needed to continue this prestigious tradition.


5 Responses

  1. stanisicana75 says:

    This is a great place to learn how to swim and to advance further!.

  2. anshulagrawal81 says:

    Kids enjoying and learning.

  3. Danny says:

    When can we register for September?

  4. Maine Township Aquatics says:

    Fall registrations will be available this upcoming week which will include September, October, and November schedules. It will be posted along with various other aquatic schedules.

    Thank you

  5. legatse says:

    I would like to register our two year old, four year old, and eight year old for swim classes. Are there times were I can get all three in to a class at the same time, or at least not more than 30 minute difference in time slots?

    Thank you

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